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Orzone breaks new frontiers in conjuction with the European Society of Anaesthesiology and delivers

Orzone managed in collaboration with societies and boards to conduct a large, global educational event for specialist doctors. It was held simultaneously in over 60 university hospitals, 11 time zones, 4 continents, 7 languages and the doctors combined answered almost 100.000 assessment questions combined. The event was powered by Orzone software and co-designed with Orzone. We are obviously proud to continue to push the frontier for training and assessment. The event is testimony to Orzone global leadership in managing large complex training events, in particular for large demanding organisations.

Orzone is very excited to announce entering into a partnership agreement with SweMac Simulatio

Orzone is very excited to announce entering into a partnership agreement with SweMac Simulation. The collaboration has been going on for some time but is now formalised. The agreement means that the Orcamp is enabled to a significantly larger group of addressable trainees. Adding the option of high volume training of Orthopedic surgical procedures, is a first ever groundbreaking step forward for all individuals within the Orthopedic Surgical team. For Orcamp customers this development means that there are significantly more training opportunities available leading to strengthening the clinical capacity and capability in hospital staff and to an increased return on investment due to larger vo

Ozone offers partnership to explore new technologies within medical team training; for universities

Exclusive offer for Orcamp customers only. Orzone is excited to release some new technologies that may have an impact on the near future of medical education. Orzone invites universities to a partnership to explore these technologies. In the first release there will be focus on VISUAL and interaction technologies ranging from touch technologies to Virtual Reality helmets. For qualifying universities, technology and labour will be provided free of charge or at production cost. For enquiries please contact The Orzone founders have been pioneering simulation for over two decades since developing the very first surgical simulators that appeared in 1993 on BBC and when showcasing

Orzone is proud to announce the participation at yet another team training event at Imperial College

The team training event took place on Friday the 27th of March in the Orcamp installation room at St. Mary’s Hospital at Imperial Collage in London. An advanced cardiology procedure, endovascular aortic repair, EVAR, was performed as a team training exercise. Orzone successfully supported the event together with SimStation. The live experience was created when combining the high end audio-video solution from SimStation with the highly realistic Orcamp operating theatre setting. All parties involved in delivering the event were very satisfied with the successful delivery of the event.

ESMINT - European Diploma Examination

Orzone has been given the confidence to deliver high stake Europeans Diploma examinations within European Society of Minimally Invasive Neurological Therapy, ESMINT. The diplomas are delivered as a complete service including examination setup, delivery and report/statistics feedback, within the online software Ortrac. Ortrac is the first integrated platform developed in partnership with UEMS, leading societies, including ESA and other stakeholders for examinations, courses and portfolios to create clinical capacity and capability. About: ESMINT ( is a non-profit, educational and scientific association committed to providing high quality education and training for its me



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