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Emergency Medicine (EuSem)

On Friday Orzone assisted delivering Diploma exams for close to 200 soon to be specialists for EuSEM (Emergency Medicine). The exam was conducted in 5 countries simultaneously with central and local supervision. Orzone deliver the only validated tool for high-stake medical exams (Ortrac) by the official European CME/CPD body (UEMS).

European Board and College in Obstetrics and Gynecology (EBCOG)

Orzone is proud to announce that the European Board and College in Obstetrics and Gynecology (EBCOG) has chosen Orzone as their supplier of assessment and examination services. The contract will cover a range of deliveries including EBCOG prestigious Fellowship/Diploma exam including with both a written exam and OSCE stations. It will also cover training programs and formative development. Orzone will provide services ranging from registration/eligibility, payment processing, question banking, delivery of written exams and OSCE stations and post processing/statistics following the exams. Delivery start in 2015 with the first Fellowship exam being delivered in May 2016 (see EBCOG website).

Interesting video from Imperial Collage

Here is an interesting video from Imperial College. It shows the Orcamp (Orzone's hybrid OR for training) being used for MI with a focus on team and patient communication. The exercise uses a combination of live actor and full simulation which is a novel approach. See for an example 5 min into the video for patient communication. Debriefing starts at 37 mins and includes 360 feedback, also from patient. Thanks to the fantastic cardiology training team at Imperial.



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