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5th CESMA-UEMS European Exam: Milan, 24th November 2016.

Orzone has for the fifth year delivered the European diploma exam in Angiology/Vascular Medicine. Orzone's responsibility was to manage the complete exam including question bank, delivery of the exam, deliver of statistics and pass marks. The exam took place in Milan, Italy. "The CESMA-UEMS European Diploma in Angiology/Vascular Medicine puts Angiology/Vascular Medicine on the same plain as other European Specialties. Each CESMA-UEMS European Diploma has a strong recognition of cultural value. At National level it depends on the different states even if it is held in ample account. BEEAVM (Board of the European Exam on Angiology/Vascular Medicine) was created by the Board of the UEMS Divisio

EBCOG - use Ortrac OSCE software during exam

Orzone is helping the EBCOG exam team to deliver the very first European OSCE exam in Gyn and OB. Place: Norwich, England. Orzone provided tablet based solution for grading and post-processing of pass mark.



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