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ESSM & MJCSM 2020 examinations in Prague

Prague, Czech Republic 23 of January 2020, a joint examination venture was held with more than 130 participants. The Multidisciplinary Committee of Sexual Medicine (MJCSM) and the European Society for Sexual Medicine (ESSM) collaborate in order to provide to medical doctors competency certification in Sexual Medicine. Orzone congratulate to these two successfully delivered online examinations read more: ECPS exam read more: MJCSM exam

Read about Lunds QPS system

QPS stands for Quality and Progress System "QPS stands for Quality and Progress System och är ett digitalt system för just kvalitetssäkring och systematisk utveckling av utbildningarnas kvalitet. Med QPS kan material lätt delas mellan olika kurser, oavsett vilket program de är skapade för. Progressionen mot uppfyllda kursmål visualiseras dessutom automatiskt både för medarbetare och studenter. Detta gör kvalitetsuppföljning både lättare och tydligare.", Orzone is proud to contribute in the development of this system, with their software Ortrac, For more info about the system please visit web site: click here

Orzone Ortrac platform new functionalities 2019

During 2019 Orzone made a number of important software updates: a number of functionalities for the day-to-day use at medical universities. extended use of the software into app functions for offline quiz and clinical forms. improved functionality to analyze examinations and question banking. new question types and tags control tools for planning of large scale education with advanced item tracking For more info visit out web site: or Orzone support site

Ortrac Scholar - new app release out

Download now download at iOS appstore download at Android Google play ​ The App Ortrac Scholar provides a new way to organize education that takes place in the work-place ensuring that targets, competencies and outcomes are met. The app can be used by educational institutions ranging from hundreds to tens of thousands of students or candidates. ​ Some forms of education have a heavy emphasis on practice in the field or in a work-place, e.g. the students spend hundreds or thousands of hours off-campus. Whilst the education on-campus usually have a selection of tools available for students and faculty, the off-campus activities are less supported with modern tools. Ortrac Scholar changes this



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