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New Ortrac Scholar version is out

The Ortrac Scholar app version 3.1.1 is out. The release contains fixes & user interface improvements for the new form types. The release will be a big help for the work with forms at the clinical education and also support the skills examinatins using this app. Download here Best regards Orzone support team

UEMS-EBDV 5rd online Board Examination - 2020

Orzone and staff at EBDV headquarters planning for a remote online examination event. Same examination delivery software in a smarter framing, We look forward to welcome over 60 candidates in this virtual event. About: The UEMS European Board of Dermatovenereology Diploma (EBDVD) Examination is a test of excellence in Dermatology and Venereology. It is designed to assess the knowledge and clinical skills requisite to the delivery of a high standard of dermatovenereological care both in hospitals and in independent clinical practices. The EBDVD Examination is the responsibility of the UEMS European Board of Dermatovenereology (UEMS-EBDV). The first examination was held in August 2007 in Frank

EBCOG - Part 1 remote examination (KBA)

Orzone and staff at EBCOG headquarters planning for a remote examination event, the EBCOG-EFOG Part 1 Exam, 2020-10-10 - 2020-10-11 online. Same examination delivery software in a smarter framing, We look forward to welcome over 100 candidates in this event. The exam assess knowledge (KBA) and is computer based. ​ It will be an online exam with no venue. Exam will be a Remotely and Virtually Invigilated Exam (RIVE). Passing this exam in necessary to sit the part 2 exam. ​ ​ Read more here

EBEEM Part A examination, 2nd round 2019

The 11th of September, 2020, over 160 candidates took the online examination, using the new surveillance services found in Orzone - remote examination service. Orzone support team, together with the Eusem staff work hard to get all important pieces in place to deliver this large scale event. The European Board Examination of Emergency Medicine (EBEEM) will provide evidence that a successful candidate has demonstrated in a summative assessment that they are able to function as an independent emergency practitioner. read more



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