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Ortrac has many features embedded that use PowerBi to achieve interactive data analysis combining millions of data points, cross-filtered in real-time. Some analysis features that are embedded into the Orzone family of products are:

  • Student performance

  • Tracking of feedback from workplace

  • Clinical progression

  • Outcome analysis

  • Staff performance

  • Question quality analysis

  • Activity analysis


Orzone software manage some of the worlds largest datasets in Higher Education covering up to hundreds of millions of datapoints, fully tracked to curriculas and possible to filter in real-time. Based on this unique experience we can provide services to clients in education and/or healthcare on how to successfully use PowerBI.

Example services include

  • Advisory services

  • Real world examples

  • Prototypes

  • Performance considerations

  • Transformation of data into units of value

  • How to create datasets that track multidimensional educational data

  • Deployment

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