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Orzone Partners with Umeå University

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

(Press release) Orzone Partners with Umeå University to Enhance Medical Education and Assessment

Orzone, a leading provider of assessment and learning analytics solutions, has partnered with Umeå University, one of Scandinavia's largest medical schools for undergraduate training of medical doctors and conducting national assessments for post-graduate re-validation with licenses outside the EU on behalf of the Swedish Government.

Umeå University has selected Orzone as their trusted partner to enhance assessment processes and leverage learning analytics technologies. This collaboration aims to elevate the educational experience for students and streamline post-graduate assessment and re-validation procedures.

Orzone's comprehensive suite of assessment solutions and learning analytics tools will empower Umeå University to deliver effective assessments, gather actionable data, and make data-driven decisions for improved learning outcomes.

Umeå University, renowned for its rigorous medical programs, will benefit from Orzone's technologies to enhance assessment methodologies and gain insights into student performance.

Orzone is dedicated to supporting Umeå University in revolutionizing medical education and assessments, solidifying its position as a leading provider of assessment and learning analytics solutions.

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