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QR Codes in Ortrac

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

A new release in Ortrac, the student's various activities (forms, quizzes, assignments and content) will be reachable via a QR code. This is a requested function as it facilitates the work of teachers who are to have interactive lectures.

Areas of use can be, for example, that you use this to address attendance at various training sessions. One can also use it to conduct a survey to gather opinions during lectures. Take a knowledge test at your lecture with the help of a quiz with a number of questions. Jointly look at an upcoming assignment to reach a consensus on what the student should do. One can also discuss content gathered on the platform.

QR components to be used in the teacher's lecture can easily just be copied into Powerpoint and appear in the right context.

All student activities can be viewed interactively via the teacher's account and can be summarized during the lecture.

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