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App for students which prepare a computer PC/Mac for a secure home exam

The app is free to use but you need to added to the examination. The student will get login instructions and link to app to prepare days before the date of examination.


The desktop app Remote Exam provides a new way to organize secure exams. The app can be used by organizations to deliver high-secure exams with remote proctoring/invigilation. The app uses multiple layers of security to create a state-of-art secure framework.

  • Invigilators observe candidates from the Ortrac Monitor app

  • Invigilators observe candidates using events marked by AI control

  • AI system continuously monitors the candidates including their body, face, room, and warned of suspicious behaviour. 

  • The identity system match face of the candidate to ensure the right person taking the exam

  • Pictures and screenshots are taken continuously, with higher frequency, if suspected behaviour is detected

  • All data, video, AI alerts can also be assessed after the exam to guide any decision making.

  • Data is fused with actual responses for the candidate, second by the second overview of events during the exam.

  • Organizer sends invitation letters to the candidates.

  • Candidates download/prepare their computer for remote examination

  • Organizer follows the progress of candidates from a dedicated Exam portal.

  • Organizer prepares the Examiners/computers for invigilation, installing Ortrac Monitor app

  • Organizer evaluates & takes actions based on data and image/video once inside the Ortrac Monitor app

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