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Adjust Grades

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

(Product Release) We announce the release of our latest functionality for the modules, "Adjust Grade," designed to enhance the functionality and flexibility of Ortrac course management. This highly anticipated release empowers educators and administrators to efficiently manage and modify student grades, promoting fair assessment and accurate representation of student performance.

Key Features:

  • Grade Adjustment Flexibility: The Adjust Grade module offers educators the ability to modify student grades in a controlled and transparent manner. It allows for adjustments based on various factors such as late submission, exceptional circumstances, or improved performance over time. This feature ensures that grades better reflect the true capabilities and efforts of students.

  • Audit Trail and Transparency: The Adjust Grade module maintains a comprehensive audit trail, providing a complete record of all grade adjustments made within the system. This feature promotes transparency and accountability by allowing administrators, to view the history of grade changes and the reasons behind them. It helps build trust among stakeholders and ensures that adjustments are made with integrity.

For more information about the Adjust Grade module or to schedule a demo, please contact our support team at

Orzone AB

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