Medical University Package

Undergraduate learning and assessment

A complete solution

Manage all aspects of learning and assessment for undergraduate students to ensure they meet program outcomes. Support various assessment forms such as knowledge- skills exams, clinical/work based assessment, forms, portfolios & logbooks.


Manage the educational process by program/course design (curriculum/blueprint/tags), content management, question banking, delivery of content, and assessment. Track progress and performance through big data visualization tools. Compare with individuals or cohorts to ensure that student progress to meet outcomes and education is delivered optimally. Supports student-driven learning.


Curriculum mapping and  blueprinting

Add your curriculum, divide it into programs, courses, and topics. Map outcomes to programs and courses and visually complex relationships. Use the blueprint functionality to map your educational content, assessment, and assignments. Support inclusion of competency outcomes or other customer-defined performance criteria that can be automatically tracked.

Faculty, program and courses

Create standard or custom roles (students, teacher, examiner, faculty, admins, etc). Functions and data access can be tailored for your Scholar system. Setup the structures of your education, program, courses, and working groups. Assign your staff to programs/courses and let them populate the system with assignments, content, questions, examinations, and assessments.


Student management

Candidates can be imported to the system through various channels or be integrated through single sign login. The student creates a personal profile, and personalized goals to visualize optimal progression to outcomes. Download app to take part in the work-based assessment, self-paced assessment, digital exams, formative quizzes, log-books, portfolios, and skills evaluation. All data can be visualized.

Assignments, content and examinations

The system helps you to organize the content and assessments to ensure that outcomes are met. The mapping system tags content into logical searchable items. The assignment system helps the candidate to fulfill tasks within the course as well as populate log-books and portfolios. The system provides a number of ways to participate in events, like; examination, quizzes and work based assessment/forms and access educational context specific content.


Work based assessment

Students in medical programs spend a significant amount of time off-campus in hospitals and clinics. Medical students also spend much of their time using other modalities of learning such as PBL and leadership training which normal Learning management systems have difficulties managing. Use the app to bring learning and assessment to the clinic. Create faculty-initiated or student-driven evaluations to practice real-life situations. Once the content is downloaded, the material can be used offline (no wifi) and uploaded when online. Bring the assignment to the site and sign off with a touch of the hand. All data gathered is automatically available for analysis of progression and to ensure that outcomes are met. All results are stored in personal portfolios.

Passmarks, statistics and reports

The organizer of the events receives markings and statistics in real-time. Additional statistic and passmark tools include Cronbach, SEM, Angoff (can also be done before exam), Cohen, Borderline regression, and Item/distractor discrimination. Report for individuals or cohorts are auto-generated and can be distributed to candidates in a safe & GDPR compliant manner. The faculty can see how well all students across programs and courses are progressing and meeting outcomes.


Big data and AI

"Big data" is a field that treats ways to analyze, systematically extract information from, or otherwise deal with data sets too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing application software. The software enables monitoring of progression, from novice to recognized expert.


Various ways to integrate with the systems. Import of various types of questions(SBA, True or False, EMQ), import of users from Excel, import of entire question lists from our earler systems (contatining, tag data from exams, topics and other markers). Export can be in forms of pdf-reports, Excel reports. For advanced users, API support can be provided