Medical Society Package

Postgraduate exams and assessment

A complete solution

Medical societies & organizations can manage all aspect of assessment for postgraduate trainees. Tools for candidate application (reg/vetting/payment), course design (curriculum/blueprint), question banking (write/review/translate), Knowledge/skills exams, clinical/work-based assessment. delivery (paper/online/computer centers), Analyse (pass-mark/statistics/reports), & API integration with other society systems.


Registration, eligibility and vetting

Candidates can easily start their application process from emails or customer website. The candidates are guided through registration, optional vetting and payment. Various tools are available for automated mails, receipts, finances, communication, visa letter & hotel information. The whole process is GDPR compliant.

Question banking

Write questions, review questions, tag questions, translate questions, map questions to curriculum/topic, use advanced style guides. Question types include Single Best Answer (SBA), Extended Matching Question (EMQ), True or False, Essay, OSCE, Oral, VIVA. Supports individual writers/reviewers or large organized teams. Full access to questions from their prior use in exams.


Online delivery

Support all staff and processes involved in digital examination delivery such as invigilators/id check, boarding pass, start/stop codes, examiners, hosts and supervisors. The examination delivery in different formats (or mixed) including online, offline, paper, iPad, mobile or computer centers. Support delivery in one or hundreds of centers simultaneously with features such as live monitoring, multi-lingual, add users, add extra time and support for specials needs.

Forms and clinical assessments

In addition to Knowledge & Skills assessment the solution also includes an assessment framework to monitor performance in a work space (clinic). The assignments can be organized into EPA´s & logbooks. This enables verification that the candidates meet real world outcomes. Progression can be tracked against competency and program outcomes.


Passmark, statistics and reports

After the exam or clinical assessment is completed, the organizer receives markings and statistics in real time. Additional statistic and passmark tools include: Cronbach, SEM, Angoff (can also be done before exam), Cohen, Borderline regression and Item/distractor discrimination. Report for individuals or cohorts are auto-generated and can be distributed to candidates in a safe & GDPR compliant manner. Analysis can be made of how well candidates meet curriculum goals.

Big data & AI

"Big data" is a field that treats ways to analyze, systematically extract information from, or otherwise deal with data sets, too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data-processing application software. 
The software enables monitoring of progression, from novice to recognized expert.


3D & Virtual reality

In addition to delivering advanced examinations and form based assessments, Orzone also work in the field of creating 3D and Virtual training simulators. 3D and imaging data can be used to create realistic Oral and OSCE stations.


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Various ways to integrate with the systems. Import of various types of questions(SBA, True or False, EMQ), import of users from Excel, import of entire question lists from our earler systems (contatining, tag data from exams, topics and other markers). Export can be in forms of pdf-reports, Excel reports. For advanced users, API support can be provided


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